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High-performance liquid chromatographic procedures for the analysis of carboplatin in human plasma and urine
  • R. Gaver, G. Deeb
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology
  • 2004
SummarySpecific, sensitive and reproducible high-performance liquid chromatographic procedures were developed for the quantitative analysis of carboplatin in human plasma and urine. Plasma and urineExpand
The disposition of carboplatin in the beagle dog
SummaryCarboplatin was administered i.v. to four groups of three male beagle dogs at doses of 3, 6, 12, and 24 mg/kg (60–580 mg/m2). Plasma samples were obtained at appropriate times and protein-freeExpand
Disposition of anagrelide, an inhibitor of platelet aggregation
A single dose of 14C‐anagrelide (6,7‐dichloro‐1,5‐dihydroimidazo [2,1‐b] quinazolin‐2(3H)‐one monohydrochloride) equivalent to 1 mg free base and containing 100 µCi radioactivity, was taken by fiveExpand
P450 3A activity and cyclosporine dosing in kidney and heart transplant recipients
Interpatient differences in the kinetics of cyclosporine appear to result in part from interindividual differences in the catalytic activity of an enzyme termed P450 3A. We investigated theExpand
Validated HPLC procedures for the analysis of BMY-28090 in human plasma and urine
SummaryThe compound BMY-28090 (elsamicin A) is a new fermentation product with antitumor properties, which has the same aglycone as chartreusin but contains two novel sugars. To define theExpand
Absorption of sustained-release oral amphetamine preparations in the rat.
Abstract 1. 1. Disappearance rates of orally administered amphetamine from the stomach and intestine of fasted rats were determined. The rate of disappearance from the gastrointestinal tract isExpand
In vitro stability, plasma protein binding and blood cell partitioning of 14C-carboplatin
SummaryRadiochemically pure 14C-labeled carboplatin, cis-diammine [1,1-cyclobutane (1-14C) dicarboxylato (2-)-0,0'] platinum (II), was added to fresh human, dog and rat plasma, at concentrationsExpand
Disposition of orally administered 14C-prednimustine in cancer patients
SummaryA single oral solution dose (40 mg/m2) of 14C-prednimustine was administered to each of four cancer patients. Plasma, urine, and feces were collected at appropriate times and analyzed forExpand
The disposition of carboplatin in ovarian cancer patients
SummaryCarboplatin was given as a 30-min infusion to 11 ovarian cancer patients at doses of 170–500 mg/m2. The ages, weights, and creatinine clearances (Clcr) ranged from 44 to 75 years, from 44 toExpand
Disposition of 14C-cefatrizine in man.
  • R. Gaver, G. Deeb
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological…
  • 1 May 1980