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The neural basis of ego- and allocentric reference frames in spatial navigation: Evidence from spatio-temporal coupled current density reconstruction
Different strategies in spatial navigation during passages through computer-simulated tunnels were investigated by means of EEG source reconstruction. The tunnels consisted of straight and curvedExpand
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The development of hazard perception: Dissociation of visual orientation and hazard processing
Eye movements are a key behavior for visual information processing in traffic situations and for vehicle control. Previous research showed that effective ways of eye guidance are related to betterExpand
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Carryover Effects of Highly Automated Convoy Driving on Subsequent Manual Driving Performance
Objective: In the present study, we tested to what extent highly automated convoy driving involving small spacing (“platooning”) may affect time headway (THW) and standard deviation of lateralExpand
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Die Tunnelaufgabe: Eine Methode zur Untersuchung kognitiver Teilprozesse räumlicher Orientierungsleistungen
Zusammenfassung. Eine Aufgabe zur Untersuchung der Raumkognition, deren Prinzipien theoretisch abgeleitet wurden, wird vorgestellt und ihre Eignung empirisch uberpruft. Die Probanden (Pbn) haben nachExpand
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Differential psychopharmacology of tranquilizing and sedating drugs.
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Pins and Rubber Traction System for Intra-Articular Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Fractures Revisited
The Pins and Rubber Traction System (PRTS) can be used to treat proximal interphalangeal intra-articular fractures. Our experience is that outcomes are not always excellent and that many patientsExpand
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Saccadic velocity and activation: development of a diagnostic tool for assessing energy regulation.
The hypothesis was tested that peak velocity of saccadic eye movements in visual motor tasks varies with variables related to energy regulation. The hypothesis is based on the cognitive-energeticalExpand
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