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Inherited defect in a Na+, K+ -co-transport system in erythrocytes from essential hypertensive patients
The Na+ and K+ electrochemical gradients across cell membranes are believed to be maintained by the action of a Na+, K+-pump1–3. In human erythrocytes this pump exchanges internal Na+ for external K+Expand
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Biobanking for Europe
Biobanking and BioMolecular Resources Infrastructure (BBMRI) is to be developed across Europe, thereby implementing a European 'roadmap' for research infrastructures. Expand
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Pulse pressure, endothelium function, and arterial stiffness in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
In rats, removal of the carotid arterial or abdominal aortic endothelium results in an acute increase of diameter and compliance. In humans, acute local administration of a specific NO synthaseExpand
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Laboratory distinction between essential and secondary hypertension by measurement of erythrocyte cation fluxes.
An abnormally low sodium-potassium net flux ratio in erythrocytes was recently described in human essential hypertension. We have confirmed this finding in 65 patients with essential hypertension whoExpand
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Inheritance of abnormal erythrocyte cation transport in essential hypertension.
Net fluxes of sodium and potassium ions were determined in sodium-loaded, potassium-depleted erythrocytes from 370 white subjects, 194 of whom had essential hypertension or had been born to parentsExpand
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A genetic approach to the geography of hypertension : examination of Na+ - K+ cotransport in Ivory Coast Africans.
Outward Na+ - K+ cotransport in erythrocytes from essential hypertensive Caucasian subjects was found to be excessively low (Co -) compared to normotensives (Co +) carefully selected for theirExpand
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Abnormal erythrocyte Na+ K+ cotransport system, a proposed genetic marker of essential hypertension.
In erythrocytes, the extrusion of a cell sodium load is accomplished by the ouabain-sensitive sodium-potassium pump and by the furosemide-sensitive sodium-potassium cotransport, which operate againstExpand
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H+ pump and Na(+)-H+ exchange in isolated single proximal tubules of spontaneously hypertensive rats.
OBJECTIVES To gain insight into the pathogenesis of hypertension in the spontaneously hypertensive rat (SHR), we compared the maturation of the Na-independent H+ efflux and Na(+)-H+ exchange inExpand
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Correction of Adolescent Hyperkyphosis With Posterior-Only Threaded Rod Compression Instrumentation: Is Anterior Spinal Fusion Still Necessary?
Study Design. Retrospective clinical and radiographic review. Objective. To assess the need for anterior apical release and fusion before posterior threaded rod compression instrumentation andExpand
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Thinning of CIGS solar cells: Part I: Chemical processing in acidic bromine solutions
Abstract CIGSe absorber was etched in HBr/Br 2 /H 2 O to prepare defined thicknesses of CIGSe between 2.7 and 0.5 μm. We established a reproducible method of reducing the absorber thickness viaExpand
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