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In vitro regeneration of Hypoxis colchicifolia plantlets
Abstract Corms of Hypoxis species are heavily traded for use in traditional medicine in southern Africa. High demand has increased unsustainable harvesting from the wild, diminishing naturalExpand
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Effectiveness of Colchicine and Oryzalin at Inducing Polyploidy in Watsonia lepida N.E. Brown
Genetic modification and manipulation offers the possibility of introducing novel traits into existing plants, thereby increasing marketability. Polyploid induction has in the past produced plantsExpand
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The regulation of plant growth and development in liquid culture
Plant liquid culture offers many benefits over solidified media. Growth and multiplication rate of shoots, roots, bulblets and somatic embryos is enhanced in liquid culture, as a consequence ofExpand
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Reduced temperature, elevated sucrose, continuous light and gibberellic acid promote corm formation in Watsonia vanderspuyiae
Storage organ induction in vitro can limit the loss of plants during acclimatisation, and can substantially reduce the time to flower following acclimatisation. An initial experiment lasting 3 monthsExpand
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Flower abscission: environmental control, internal regulation and physiological responses of plants
Many aspects of the abscission process have been reviewed in the past and it has been some time since a review on flower abscission has been published. Recent advances in this field thus permit aExpand
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A smoke-derived butenolide alleviates HgCl2 and ZnCl2 inhibition of water uptake during germination and subsequent growth of tomato--possible involvement of aquaporins.
Aquaporins, concentrated in zones of cell division and enlargement, play a major role in governing the movement of water between neighboring cells during seed germination. The enhanced germinationExpand
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In Vitro Propagation Of Four Watsonia Species
The genus Watsonia has a number of species with potential to be developed as new ornamental crop plants, but to date there are no reports on in vitro propagation of any member of this genus. SeedsExpand
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In Vitro Storage Organ Formation of Ornamental Geophytes
Glendon D. Ascough and Johannes van StadenResearch Centre for Plant Growth and DevelopmentSchool of Biological and Conservation SciencesUniversity of KwaZuluNatal, Pietermaritzburg,Private BagExpand
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Effect of smoke-water and a smoke-isolated butenolide on the growth and genotoxicity of commercial onion
Abstract Smoke-water and a biologically active butenolide compound (3-methyl-2 H -furo[2,3- c ]pyran-2-one) derived from burning plant material, show stimulating effects on a number of agriculturalExpand
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