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Third or Additional Language Acquisition
We present a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of research conducted within the following core areas of inquiry: crosslinguistic influence, multilingual speech production, the multilingual lexicon, and the impact of bi/multilingualism. Expand
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Teachers' beliefs about the role of prior language knowledge in learning and how these influence teaching practices
The present study was developed to assess teachers’ beliefs on (1) the role of prior language knowledge in language learning; (2) the perceived usefulness of language knowledge in modern society; andExpand
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Multilingualism and Non-native Lexical Transfer: An Identification Problem
This paper proposes the existence of a cognitive process by which multilinguals who incorporate nontarget lexical items from one non-native language into another may (1) come to identify the lexical item transferred from a source to a guest system as belonging to the guest system and (2) fail to recognise the source of their knowledge in the original linguistic system. Expand
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Interlanguage Transfer of Function Words
This study investigated the use of nonnative function words in the written production of learners of Italian as a third or fourth language with English, Spanish, or French as native or nonnativeExpand
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English L3 learning in a multilingual context: the role of parental education and L2 exposure within the living community
The present study examines two factors in relation to English L3 proficiency development and school performance in a third language: (a) parental education and (b) second language exposure within theExpand
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Teaching and learning in multilingual contexts : sociolinguistic and educational perspectives
Agnieszka Otwinowska and Gessica De Angelis: Introduction: Towards Education for Multilingualism Part I: Multilingualism in Education: Conceptual Issues and Sociolinguistic Perspectives 1. BjornExpand
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New trends in crosslinguistic influence and multilingualism research
Introduction Agnieszka Otwinowska-Kasztelanic: Awareness and affordances of cross-linguistic influence in multilingual language acquisition . Expand
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The development of psycholinguistic research on crosslinguistic influence
The development of psycholinguistic research on crosslinguistic influence and the L3 networks. Expand
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