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Software defect prediction using relational association rule mining
This paper focuses on the problem of defect prediction, a problem of major importance during software maintenance and evolution. It is essential for software developers to identify defective softwareExpand
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IPA - An intelligent personal assistant agent for task performance support
Assisting users in performing their tasks is an important issue in Human Computer Interaction research. A solution to deal with this challenge is to build a personal assistant agent capable toExpand
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Detecting software design defects using relational association rule mining
In this paper, we are approaching, from a machine learning perspective, the problem of automatically detecting defective software entities (classes and methods) in existing software systems, aExpand
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A Reinforcement Learning Model for Solving the Folding Problem
In this paper we aim at proposing a reinforcement learning based model for solving combinatorial optimization problems. Combinatorial optimization problems are hard to solve optimally, that is whyExpand
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On clustering based aspect mining
Clustering is a division of data into groups of similar objects. Aspect mining is a process that tries to identify crosscutting concerns in existing software systems. The goal is to refactor theExpand
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Proteins are the building blocks of life and the end result of the deoxyribonucleic acid decoding process. They make up the body of all living things and understanding fully their genesis andExpand
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Identifying design patterns in object-oriented software systems using unsupervised learning
Design patterns offer timeless and elegant solutions to common problems in software design. From a program-understanding and a reverse engineering perspective the discovery of patterns in a softwareExpand
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Identifying Hidden Dependencies in Software Systems
The maintenance and evolution of software systems are highly impacted by activities such as bug fixing, adding new features or functionalities and updating existing ones. Impact analysis contributesExpand
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Promoter Sequences Prediction Using Relational Association Rule Mining
In this paper we are approaching, from a computational perspective, the problem of promoter sequences prediction, an important problem within the field of bioinformatics. As the conditions for a DNAExpand
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A Novel Approach Using Fuzzy Self-Organizing Maps for Detecting Software Faults
As software projects become more complex, there is an increased focus on their analysis and testing. Detecting software faults is a problem of major importance for improving the quality of theExpand
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