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Institutional Work to Maintain Professional Power: Recreating the Model of Medical Professionalism
The creation of new roles commonly threatens the power and status of elite professionals through the substitution of their labour. In this paper we examine the institutional work carried out by elite
What is engagement
Hybrid manager-professionals' identity work : the maintenance and hybridization of medical professionalism in managerial contexts
We examine the ‘identity work’ of manager–professional ‘hybrids’, specifically medical professionals in managerial roles in the British National Health Service, to maintain and hybridize their
A Narratological Approach to Understanding Processes of Organizing in a UK Hospital
This article outlines a narratological approach to understanding how middle managers and senior managers in a UK National Health Service (NHS) hospital made sense of the introduction of a series of
Managing Expert Knowledge: Organizational Challenges and Managerial Futures for the UK Medical Profession
The blurring of managerial and professional jurisdictions remains a significant area of organizational research. This process is often described as involving `re-stratification', the drawing of
The Antecedents of Middle Managers' Strategic Contribution: The Case of a Professional Bureaucracy
Our study contributes towards a burgeoning literature that argues organizational performance is heavily influenced by what happens in the middle of the organization, rather than at the top. Examining
Human resource management and knowledge management: enhancing knowledge sharing in a pharmaceutical company
There is a gap in understanding the implications for human resource management practices of the rising interest in managing knowledge (Scarbrough and Carter, 2000). As a response, this paper takes an
Reflecting on a Critical Pedagogy in MBA Education
This article aims to make a limited contribution to critical pedagogy by focusing on an empirically based evaluation of the difficulties surrounding its potential realization. It discusses the
The Impact of Institutional Forces Upon Knowledge Sharing in the UK NHS: The Triumph of Professional Power and the Inconsistency of Policy
It is illustrated how institutional isomorphic processes facilitate convergence within groups of organizations and occupations subject to the same institutional pressures, but, by the same token, inhibit convergence across different organizational and occupational groupings.
Exploring the relationship between HR and middle managers
Despite the importance of the relationship between the HR function and linemanagement (see Guest, 1987; Store y, 1992), there appears to be a lack of understandingof the process of enhancing the