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GoSam-2.0: a tool for automated one-loop calculations within the Standard Model and beyond
We present the version 2.0 of the program package GoSam for the automated calculation of one-loop amplitudes. GoSam is devised to compute one-loop QCD and/or electroweak corrections to multi-particleExpand
Automated one-loop calculations with GoSam
We present the program package GoSam which is designed for the automated calculation of one-loop amplitudes for multi-particle processes in renormalisable quantum field theories. The amplitudes,Expand
Les Houches 2013: Physics at TeV Colliders: Standard Model Working Group Report
This Report summarizes the proceedings of the 2013 Les Houches workshop on Physics at TeV Colliders. Session 1 dealt primarily with (1) the techniques for calculating standard model multi-leg NLO andExpand
Update of the Binoth Les Houches Accord for a standard interface between Monte Carlo tools and one-loop programs
We present an update of the Binoth Les Houches Accord (BLHA) to standardise the interface between Monte Carlo programs and codes providing one-loop matrix elements. Expand
spinney: A Form library for helicity spinors
In this work, the library spinney is presented, which provides an implementation of helicity spinors and related algorithms for Form. Expand
The SM and NLO Multileg and SM MC Working Groups: Summary Report
The 2011 Les Houches workshop was the first to confront LHC data. In the two years since the previous workshop there have been significant advances in both soft and hard QCD, particularly in theExpand
Golem95C: A library for one-loop integrals with complex masses
We present a program for the numerical evaluation of scalar integrals and tensor form factors entering the calculation of one-loop amplitudes which supports the use of complex masses in the loop integrals. Expand
Recent Progress in the Golem Project
We report on the current status of the Golem project which aims at the construction of a general one-loop evaluator for matrix elements. We construct the one-loop matrix elements from FeynmanExpand
The SM and NLO Multileg Working Group: Summary report
This report summarizes the activities of the SM and NLO Multileg Working Group of the Workshop "Physics at TeV Colliders", Les Houches, France 8-26 June, 2009.
Next-to-leading-order QCD corrections to Higgs boson production plus three jets in gluon fusion.
We report on the calculation of the cross section for Higgs boson production in association with three jets via gluon fusion, at next-to-leading-order (NLO) accuracy in QCD, in the infinite top-massExpand