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Faith on the Edge: Religion and Women in the Context of Migration
Migration is a phenomenon that is as old as humankind. Today, however, it is undergoing changes that are not only radically re-defining human geography but are also offering insights for theologicalExpand
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FP client-worker interaction as an ingredient of quality of care.
In order to contribute to the improvement of the clinic-level management of the family planning (FP) programs of the Philippine FP Program, an assessment was made of client-staff interactions. DataExpand
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Living on the Edge
A New Way of Being Christian: The Contribution of Migrants to the Church
It was my first Sunday in the United States, so my husband and I decided to go to the main church for my first experience of the “American” Eucharistic celebration in our new home, a medium-sizedExpand
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Journeying (Together) in Faith: Migration, Religion, and Mission
Having been to a number of very diverse cities in various parts of the world and having lived in the Netherlands, the United States, and currently in Australia, I consider myself no stranger to theExpand
Citizen-Disciples: An Ethical Roadmap for Migration Reform
Contemporary global migration, particularly as seen in the experience of unskilled workers and women, is clearly plagued with serious problems. When one factors in the plight of irregular migrants asExpand