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Structural constraints on deep-seated slope deformation kinematics
Abstract A significant sackung-type deep-seated slope gravitational deformation (DSGSD) was recognised for the first time by the authors in the middle part of Valfurva, east of Bormio (Rhaetian Alps,Expand
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STONE: a computer program for the three-dimensional simulation of rock-falls
We developed a three-dimensional simulation program that generates simple maps useful to assess rockfall hazard, using GIS technology to manipulate existing thematic information available in digital format. Expand
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High resolution three-dimensional numerical modelling of rockfalls
Abstract Accurate prediction of rockfalls is a major need in mountain areas, both for hazard assessment and the design of countermeasures. In this paper, the performance of an original simulationExpand
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Complete dynamic modeling calibration for the Thurwieser rock avalanche (Italian Central Alps)
Abstract Few rock avalanches have been witnessed and no exact real time description is available. The 2.5 M m 3 Punta Thurwieser rock avalanche (September 2004, Italian Central Alps) is a uniqueExpand
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Failure forecast for large rock slides by surface displacement measurements
Forecasting the failure of large rock slides is difficult because of nonlinear time dependency and seasonal effects, which affect the displacements. Starting from the accelerating creep theoryExpand
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Techniques for evaluating the performance of landslide susceptibility models
Different techniques to evaluate landslide susceptibility model performance are discussed and tested using shallow landslide/debris-flow susceptibility models recently presented in the literature. Expand
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Regionalization of rainfall thresholds: an aid to landslide hazard evaluation
Abstract Rainfall, soil properties, and morphology are major factors controlling shallow landsliding. A series of meteorological events that triggered soil slips in northern Italy were studied toExpand
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Controls on Deep Seated Gravitational Slope Deformations in the European Alps
Abstract Deep seated gravitational slope deformations (DSGSD) are widespread phenomena, recognized in different mountain ranges worldwide. The distribution of such phenomena at the scale of aExpand
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Soil slips and debris flows on terraced slopes
Abstract. Terraces cover large areas along the flanks of many alpine and prealpine valleys. Soil slips and soil slips-debris flows are recurrent phenomena along terraced slopes. These landslidesExpand
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Fragmentation in the Val Pola rock avalanche, Italian Alps
[1] Grain size data from the deposit of the 1987 Val Pola rock avalanche (central Italian Alps) are compared with data concerning rock avalanching, rock fragmentation, and comminution. The WeibullExpand
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