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Copper-related diseases: From chemistry to molecular pathology
Abstract The aim of this review is to give a general view on the current status of the scientific basis for the role of copper in human health and disease, outlining the roles of copper in humanExpand
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Uneven hepatic iron and phosphorus distribution in beta-thalassemia.
BACKGROUND/AIMS Determination of hepatic iron concentration is crucial in the evaluation of iron-storage disease. Iron content is normally determined in a part of a needle liver biopsy and the valueExpand
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Noble metals in medicine: Latest advances
Abstract History shows that metal-based drugs and remedies have been known and used since very ancient times. For example, silver was employed in the treatment of wounds and ulcers according to theExpand
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Effect of substituents on complex stability aimed at designing new iron(III) and aluminum(III) chelators.
The solution equilibria of iron(III) and aluminum(III) with two classes of hard ligands (catechol, salicylic acid and their nitro-derivatives) have been reliably studied by potentiometric,Expand
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Complex formation equilibria of Cu(II) and Zn(II) with triethylenetetramine and its mono- and di-acetyl metabolites.
Triethylenetetramine (TETA) dihydrochloride, or trientine, is a therapeutic molecule that has long been used as a copper-chelating agent for the second-line treatment of patients with Wilson'sExpand
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Different approaches to the study of chelating agents for iron and aluminium overload pathologies
AbstractOur objective is to illustrate the activity of the groups operating in Italy involved in identification and study of new chelating agents, mainly intended for treatment of human pathologyExpand
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Divalent metal–acetate complexes in concentrated aqueous solutions. An x‐ray diffraction and NMR spectroscopy study
Divalent metal–acetate solutions have been investigated by the x‐ray scattering technique and 13C NMR spectroscopy. The aim of this work was to study the complex formation between the divalent metalsExpand
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Changes in the characteristics of low affinity GABA binding sites elicited by Ro15-1788.
3H-GABA binding was studied in cortical membranes from cerebral cortex of handling-habituated and naive rats after the in vitro addition of Ro15-1788. At low concentrations (10(-8), 10(-9) M)Expand
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Uneven hepatic copper distribution in Wilson's disease.
BACKGROUND/AIMS Determination of hepatic copper concentration is important in the diagnosis of Wilson's disease. We studied copper distribution in the cirrhotic liver of a patient who died ofExpand
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