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Large-scale motions in the universe
The present conference on the large-scale motions of the universe discusses topics on the problems of two-dimensional and three-dimensional structures, large-scale velocity fields, the motion of the
Grain Properties in the rho Ophiuchi Dark Cloud
We present a comprehensive study of dust grains in the p Ophiuchi dark cloud. By combining new polarimetric, optical photometric, and spectral classification data for 134 stars, cloud material is
The peculiar object HD 44179 /'The red rectangle'/
A strong infrared source detected in the AFCRL sky survey is confirmed, and is identified with the binary star HD 44179, embedded in a peculiar nebula. UBVRI and broad-band photometry between 2.2 and
Large-scale motions in the universe : a Vatican study week
This book brings together the thinking of twenty-two eminent astronomers on a fascinating topic of contemporary astrophysics: large-scale galaxy motions. Stars group into galaxies, galaxies unite
Wavelength dependence of polarization. XX - The integrated disk of the moon
Integrated lunar disk wavelength dependence of polarization using photoelectric polarimeter, tabulating results
Circumstellar disks deduced from sub-arcsecond polarization observations of two young stars
HERBIG Ae/Be objects are young stars of intermediate mass (3–5 solar masses) surrounded by reflection nebulae composed of dust and gas remaining from the star-forming cloud1–3. Scattering by dust