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A Practical Guide to Wavelet Analysis.
A practical step-by-step guide to wavelet analysis is given, with examples taken from time series of the El Nino–Southern Oscillation (ENSO). The guide includes a comparison to the windowed FourierExpand
The Twentieth Century Reanalysis Project
The Twentieth Century Reanalysis (20CR) project is an international effort to produce a comprehensive global atmospheric circulation dataset spanning the twentieth century, assimilating only surfaceExpand
ENSO-Forced Variability of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation
Variability of the Pacific decadal oscillation (PDO), on both interannual and decadal timescales, is well modeled as the sum of direct forcing by El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), theExpand
Feasibility of a 100-Year Reanalysis Using Only Surface Pressure Data
Climate variability and global change studies are increasingly focused on understanding and predicting regional changes of daily weather statistics. Assessing the evidence for such variations overExpand
Changes of Probability Associated with El Niño
Abstract Away from the tropical Pacific Ocean, an ENSO event is associated with relatively minor changes of the probability distributions of atmospheric variables. It is nonetheless important toExpand
The Twentieth Century Reanalysis Project 3
G. P. Compo,a,b*J. S. Whitaker,b‡ P. D. Sardeshmukh,a,b N. Matsui,a,b R. J. Allan,c† X. Yin,d B. E. Gleason, Jr.,e‡ R. S. Vose,e‡ G. Rutledge,e‡ P. Bessemoulin,f S. Brönnimann,g,h M. Brunet,i,l R. I.Expand
The horizontal and vertical structure of east Asian winter monsoon pressure surges
East Asian cold-air outbreaks, accompanied by increasing surface pressure (‘pressure surges’), are shown to be an important aspect of the subseasonal variability of the winter monsoon system. In thisExpand
The Asian monsoon, the tropospheric biennial oscillation, and the Indian Ocean zonal mode in the NCAR CSM
Abstract The interaction of the Indian Ocean dynamics and the tropospheric biennial oscillation (TBO) is analyzed in the 300-yr control run of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)Expand
Removing ENSO-Related Variations from the Climate Record
Abstract An important question in assessing twentieth-century climate change is to what extent have ENSO-related variations contributed to the observed trends. Isolating such contributions isExpand
Trends and low frequency variability of extra-tropical cyclone activity in the ensemble of twentieth century reanalysis
An objective cyclone tracking algorithm is applied to twentieth century reanalysis (20CR) 6-hourly mean sea level pressure fields for the period 1871–2010 to infer historical trends and variabilityExpand