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Decay Times of Scintillations
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The probability of electrical breakdown in a discharge gap
Measurements have been made of the probability that an electron emitted from the cathode will initiate the electrical breakdown of a uniform-field discharge gap. With an electrode separation of 1 mmExpand
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Disintegration of Beryllium by Electrons
The beryllium nucleus has been disintegrated by fast electrons whose energies exceeded the photoelectric threshold. The source of the electrons was a 1.8-Mv Van de Graaff generator. As was predictedExpand
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Search for the Dirac Monopole with 30-BeV Protons
A search was made at the Brookhaven alternating gradient synchrotron for magnetic monopoles produced either in collisions of 30-BeV protons with light nuclei, or produced by $\ensuremath{\gamma}$Expand
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Nuclear Excitation of Lead by X-Rays
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Weak interactions as probes of unification
Topics covered include: baryon and lepton number non-conservation; weak scalar boson and vector boson phenomenology; quarks; leptons; and multigenerational models of quarks and leptons. Abstracts ofExpand
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Crossed-Field Electron Interaction of the Distributed-Emission Space-Charge-Limited Type*
Summary-A semitheoretical, semiheuristic analysis is given of crossed-field electron interaction of the distributed-emission type. The emphasis of this paper is on the over-all picture of thisExpand
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