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10 MHz PWM converters with GaAs VFETs
Switching speeds of currently available power switches have limited pulsewidth modulation (PWM) techniques to 1 to 2 MHz. High-speed (<2 ns switching) GaAs vertical field-effect transistors (VFETs)Expand
Modeling CDM failures in high-voltage drain-extended ESD cells
Device simulation and physical modeling are used to explain the location and feature size of gate oxide defects seen post CDM testing. By comparing the model with defect measurements, a value forExpand
Relief valve, 3/8-inch, Mission Pump and Valve Co. part number 1-3688, NASA part number 75M15044 PRV-4 Test report
Test program for relief valve used to prevent over pressurization in pneumatic control systems
Design And Evaluation Of The Disk-Cartridge Concept For A High Performance Optical Storage Subsystem
Background planning considerations for the disk platter design and the cartridge design are presented. Evaluation of these against technical requirements is considered. The resulting designs areExpand