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Micropropagation by explants ofGracilaria chilensisBird, McLachlan and Oliveira
Plantlet regeneration was obtained from excised buds and calluses cultured separately and Bud differentiation and/or callus formation were the morphogenetic responses to the wounding of the explants in all culture media.
New record of Prymnesium parvum f. patelliferum (Green, Hibberd & Piennar) Larsen stat. nov. (Prymnesiophyceae) from Valparaíso Bay
An "unidentified flagellate" with a short non coiling haptonema was found by chance in a living phyto- plankton sample taken from Valparaiso Bay, Chile, which revealed asexual and sexual reproduction.
New records of marine choanoflagellates off the Chilean coast
This is the first report of planktonic choanoflagellates from the Chilean coast, relating their abundance with that of bacteria and viruses. Surface water samples were taken off Antofagasta,
Simultaneous enumeration of Phaeodactylum tricornutum (MLB292)and bacteria growing in mixed communities
Epifluorescence Microscopy (EPM) is an advantageous alternative to the classic light microscope counting method; it allows the simultaneous enumeration of P. tricornutum and bacteria in a single sample, measuring red autofluorescence and green fluorescence respectively.
Karyotypes and microfluorometric studies in Porphyra columbina Montagne (Bangiales, Rhodophyta), with reference to morphology and sexuality
En la costa central of Chile se han registrado diez morfotipos atribuidos a diferentes especies de Porphyra, y resultados de estudios microfluorometricos en gametofitos reproductivos de P. columbina mostraron diferencias significativas.
Massive proliferation of Grateloupia intestinalis (Hooker fil. et Harvey) Setchell ex Parkinson (Rhodophyta, Halymeniaceae), a non-native species in Valparaíso Bay, central Chile
La proliferacion masiva de Grateloupia intestinalis, una especie no reportada previamente en la bahia de Valparaiso, Chile, no ha sido registrada otra proliferacion de G. intestinalis como la observada en Playa Cochoa.