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Stylized Facts and Close Dialogue: Methodology in Economic Geography
One difference between economists and geographers is the significance attached by the former to stylized facts and the very different significance attached by the latter to the diversity of economicExpand
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Pension Fund Capitalism
The growth of pension funds has been nothing short of astronomical. Pension funds now dominate the world's financial markets, affecting nations' wealth, community development, and industrial wellExpand
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The Oxford Handbook of Economic Geography
This is the most comprehensive and significant statement about the value and potential of economic geography in thirty years. More than forty leading economists and geographers from around the worldExpand
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From the Stockholder to the Stakeholder: How Sustainability Can Drive Financial Outperformance
In this enhanced meta-study we categorize more than 200 different sources. Within it, we find a remarkable correlation between diligent sustainability business practices and economic performance. TheExpand
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Why Should They Care? The Role of Institutional Investors in the Market for Corporate Global Responsibility
Institutional investors, primarily pension funds, drive global financial markets. The result is investors vulnerable to the risks companies face in global consumer and capital markets. Though someExpand
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Best-practice pension fund governance
Good governance by institutional asset owners makes a significant incremental difference to value creation as measured by their long-term risk-adjusted rate of return. Drawing upon best-practice caseExpand
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Pension Fund Corporate Engagement : The Fifth Stage of Capitalism
Pension fund capitalism is a new, albeit evolving, stage of Anglo-American capital market development. It is marked by the ability of pension funds to aggregate the widely disbursed ownership ofExpand
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London in the European financial services industry: locational advantage and product complementarities
If its prospects were doubted in the early 1990s, London is now the pre-eminent international financial centre. It dominates its European rivals and is joined with New York and Tokyo in a non-stopExpand
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A theory of local autonomy
For all its rhetorical appeal, the meaning of local autonomy remains opaque. Local autonomy is desired by the left and the right, yet is compromised by many laws administered by higher tiers of theExpand
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Pension fund governance: expertise and organizational form
  • G. Clark
  • Business, Economics
  • Journal of Pension Economics and Finance
  • 1 July 2004
Responsible for the welfare of beneficiaries, pension funds have many tasks and functions. Consequently, their governance and regulation are issues of public concern with direct bearing on theExpand
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