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Spawning, daily egg production, and spawning stock biomass estimation for common sardine (Strangomera bentincki) and anchovy (Engraulis ringens) off central southern Chile in 2002
Abstract In this paper, the first daily egg production method (DEPM) parameters were estimated for anchovy and common sardine stocks distributed in the central-south area off Chile (33–40°S). TheExpand
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Is the spawning frequency dependent on female size? Empirical evidence in Sardinops sagax and Engraulis ringens off northern Chile
In this study, we review the relationship between female size and spawning frequency using information from Sardinops sagax and Engraulis ringens, two species which are important for the economy ofExpand
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Egg trait variation in anchoveta Engraulis ringens: a maternal response to changing environmental conditions in contrasting spawning habitats
The Engraulis ringens distribution (4 to 42° S) covers a wide variety of environmental conditions. We assessed the coping mechanisms used by this anchoveta in different spawning habi- tats, reportingExpand
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Inter-annual reproductive trait variation and spawning habitat preferences of Engraulis ringens off northern Chile
A lo largo del Sistema de la Corriente de Humboldt, la anchoveta (Engraulis ringens) se distribuye entre los 4°S y 42°S. Las condiciones ambientales difieren notablemente tanto entre las zonas deExpand
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Variability in oocyte size and batch fecundity in anchoveta (Engraulis ringens, Jenyns 1842) from two spawning areas off the Chilean coast
Utilising histological preparations of ovaries from Engraulis ringens females collected in two contrasting spawning habitats along the Chilean coast, we assess the variability in oocyte size andExpand
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Fatty acids in eggs of anchoveta Engraulis ringens during two contrasting winter spawning seasons
We assessed the fatty acid (FA) composition of anchoveta eggs collected from the plank- ton along with female anchoveta reproductive traits and environmental conditions during peak win- ter spawningExpand
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Biochemical composition of seston in two upwelling sites within the Humboldt Current System (21°S to 23°S): Summer conditions
Abstract The biochemical composition of seston within the Humboldt Current System (HCS) in two bays off northern Chile (21°S–23°S) was assessed to estimate its chemical quality as potential foodExpand
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Female reproductive biology of the silverside Odontesthes regia
Abstract Histological observations of gonads, size frequency distribution of oocytes, seasonal changes in the gonadosomatic index and fecundity were used to assess the reproductive biology of femalesExpand
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Spatial and temporal changes in batch fecundity of common sardine and anchovy off central and southern Chile (2002-2007)
Anchovy Engraulis ringens and common sardine Strangomera bentincki are two small pelagic fish that co-occur in the same reproductive habitat off central and southern Chile and have a similarExpand
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