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Paleoenvironmental evolution of southern South America during the Cenozoic
Southern South America (SSA) has today a high diversity of climates, environments, biomes, and biotas, as a result of the complex interaction through time of plants and animals with the geologicalExpand
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Historical biogeography of the Andean region: evidence from Listroderina (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Rhytirrhinini) in the context of the South American geobiotic scenario
The weevil subtribe Listroderina belongs in the tribe Rhytirrhinini (subfamily Cyclominae), and has 25 genera and 300 species in the Americas. The distributional history of this subtribe wasExpand
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Discovery of a short-necked sauropod dinosaur from the Late Jurassic period of Patagonia
Sauropod dinosaurs are one of the most conspicuous groups of Mesozoic terrestrial vertebrates. They show general trends towards an overall increase in size and elongation of the neck, by means ofExpand
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Early Cretaceous riparian vegetation in Patagonia, Argentina
Early Cretaceous riparian vegetation in Patagonia, Argentina. An autochthonous plant as-semblage found at the Bajo Grande locality, Anfiteatro de Tico Formation, Baquero Group, Early Aptian of SantaExpand
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Paleomagnetism of Upper Triassic rocks in the Los Colorados hill section, Mendoza province, Argentina
Different authors have highlighted a systematic disagreement between Late Carboniferous–Triassic paleomagnetic poles (PPs) for Gondwanaland and Laurasia when they are repositioned in a classicalExpand
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Dinosaur remains from the Lower Cretaceous of the Chubut Group, Argentina
Abstract Some fragmentary dinosaur remains from the uppermost Hauterivian–Barremian La Paloma Member of the Cerro Barcino Formation of northern Chubut, Argentina are described. Together with theExpand
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Tafonomía de la Gran Hondonada (Formación Sarmiento, Edad-mamífero Mustersense, Eoceno Medio) Chubut, Argentina
Resumen. Los restos de mamiferos del yacimiento fosil de la Gran Hondonada (Formacion Sarmiento, “Edad-mamifero” Mustersense), fueron hallados en depositos de canal fluvial, desarticulados, conExpand
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Arecaceae Fossil Fruits from the Paleocene of Patagonia, Argentina
We describe fossil fruits collected from outcrops of the Salamanca Fm. (Paleocene, Danian, 63.3–61.9 Ma) at the Estancia Las Violetas locality, Chubut, Argentina that show affinities with members ofExpand
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Estratigrafía del Grupo Baqueró, Patagonia (provincia de Santa Cruz, Argentina)
The stratigraphy of early Cretaceous strata in the central area of Santa Cruz Province has been a matter of study since the time when E.W. Berry published his first paleobotanical descriptions inExpand
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