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Endoparasites of the grey wolf (Canis lupus) in protected areas of Slovakia
Although the grey wolf was on the brink of extinction in Central Europe in the last century, it never became extinct in Slovakia and nowadays its population is considered stable. The wolf populationExpand
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Succesional development of vegetation on permanent plots in the High Tatra Mts.
CHOVANCOVÁ, G., KRIŽOVÁ, E. 2010. Succesional development of vegetation on permanent plots in the High Tatra Mts. Folia oecol., 37: 144–151. This paper deals with development of vegetation in theExpand
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Host specificity and species diversity of the Ostertagiinae Lopez-Neyra, 1947 in ruminants: a European perspective
BackgroundNematodes of the subfamily Ostertagiinae appear to be rather specific to a species or family of hosts, but some are observed in a wide variety of hosts. The nematode OstertagiaExpand
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New data on helminth fauna of birds of prey (Falconiformes, Accipitriformes, Strigiformes) in the Slovak Republic
Summary In the years 2012-2014, carcasses of 286 birds of prey from the territory of Slovakia were examined for the presence of helminth parasites. The number of bird species in the study was 23;Expand
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Influence of climatic factors on the population dynamics of small mammals ( Rodentia , Soricomorpha ) on the sites affected by windthrow in the High Tatra Mts
Hlôška, L., Chovancová, B., Chovancová, G., Fleischer, P., 2016. Influence of climatic factors on the population dynamics of small mammals (Rodentia, Soricomorpha) on the sites affected by windthrowExpand
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Free-living carnivores as an important reservoir of zoonotic parasites in the Tatra Mountains region, Slovakia
The Tatra Mountains has been in the long time the most favourite tourist area in Slovakia and also a region with variety of protected wildlife. The aim of our long-term research is to study theExpand
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Fifteen years since the first record of Trichinella pseudospiralis in Slovakia: What's new?
The presence of Trichinella pseudospiralis has been increasingly reported in Europe in the last decade. The parasite was recorded for the first time in Central Europe in 2003-2004, in easternExpand
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The Mouse Bile Duct Tapeworm, Hymenolepis Microstoma in Free-living Small Mammals in Slovakia: Occurrence and Genetic Analysis
Summary The mouse bile duct tapeworm Hymenolepis microstoma, is a potentially zoonotic species with a wide variety of reported definitive hosts of rodent genera. In the present study the occurrenceExpand
Ashworthius sidemi Schulz, 1933 (Trichostrongylidae: Haemonchinae) in mountain ecosystems – a potential risk for the Tatra chamois Rupicapra rupicapra tatrica (Blahout, 1971/1972)
The Asian native Ashworthius sidemi is now in Europe, and several dozen years after its introduction, it is a widespread parasite of all wild cervids. For bovids, the nematode is a significant threatExpand
The parasites of wild ungulates from the Vysoké Tatry region of Slovakia
The aim of the study was to identify the parasitic fauna of wild ungulates (i.e. boar Sus scrofa, roe deer Capreolus capreolus and red deer Cervus elaphus) from the Vysoké Tatry region of SlovakiaExpand