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A 40 mV Transformer-Reuse Self-Startup Boost Converter With MPPT Control for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
This paper presents transformer-based self-starting boost converter architecture with low-power maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control for low-voltage thermoelectric generator applications. Expand
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Phasor transformation and its application to the DC/AC analyses of frequency phase-controlled series resonant converters (SRC)
A novel modeling technique based on phasor transformation that provides a unified model of series resonant converters (SRCs) is proposed. The approach gives explicit and simple equations that provideExpand
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Narrow-Width Inductive Power Transfer System for Online Electrical Vehicles
A new inductive power transfer system with a narrow rail width, a small pickup size, and a large air gap for online electric vehicles is proposed in this paper. By introducing a new core structure,Expand
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A general circuit topology of multilevel inverter
A generalized circuit topology of multilevel voltage source inverters which is based on direct extension of the three-level inverter to higher level is proposed. Expand
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A highly noise-immune touch controller using Filtered-Delta-Integration and a charge-interpolation technique for 10.1-inch capacitive touch-screen panels
Capacitive touch-screen panels can be classified into self-capacitance [1,2] or mutual-Capacitance type TSPs, according to the sensing mechanism. Expand
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General Unified Analyses of Two-Capacitor Inductive Power Transfer Systems: Equivalence of Current-Source SS and SP Compensations
A general and systematic comparison of eight compensation schemes in the inductive power transfer system (IPTS) of single magnetic coupling and two capacitors is proposed in this paper. TheExpand
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A Single-Inductor Switching DC–DC Converter With Five Outputs and Ordered Power-Distributive Control
An integrated five-output single-inductor multiple-output dc-dc converter with ordered power-distributive control (OPDC) in a Bi-CMOS process. Expand
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A Single-Inductor Switching DC-DC Converter with 5 Outputs and Ordered Power-Distributive Control
An integrated 5-output single-inductor multiple-output DC-DC converter with ordered power-distributive control in a 0.5mum BiCMOS process. Expand
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A 2W CMOS Hybrid Switching Amplitude Modulator for EDGE Polar Transmitters
An amplitude modulator for class-E2 EDGE polar transmitters is fabricated in a 0.35mum CMOS process. Expand
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Resonant Regulating Rectifiers (3R) Operating for 6.78 MHz Resonant Wireless Power Transfer (RWPT)
The design of a Resonant Regulating Rectifier (3R) capable of switching-mode operation with a 6.78 MHz resonant frequency. Expand
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