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A unified model of protein dynamics
It is shown here that the dominant conformational motions are slaved by the hydration shell and the bulk solvent, and the model quantitatively predicts the rapid increase of the mean-square displacement above ≈200 K and explains the nonexponential time dependence of the protein relaxation after photodissociation. Expand
Controls on the organic carbon content of the lower Cambrian black shale in the southeastern margin of Upper Yangtze
Control of various factors, including mineral components, primary productivity and redox level, on the total organic carbon (TOC) in the lower Cambrian black shale from southeastern margin of UpperExpand
Preparation and characterization of amino/thiol bifunctionalized magnetic nanoadsorbent and its application in rapid removal of Pb (II) from aqueous system.
The magnetic nanoparticle prepared by sequentially modification with (3-Chloropropyl) trimethoxysilan, polyetherimide, epichlorohydrin and thiourea was a promising nanoadsorbent with high adsorption speed, simultaneous adsor adaptation of various heavy metals, strong anti-interference ability and reusability. Expand
Formation and distribution of ice upon freezing of different formulations of wheat bread
The formation and distribution of ice upon the freezing of fresh breadcrumb were investigated using differential scanning calorimetry. Three types of wheat bread containing different amounts of sugarExpand
Applying pathway engineering to enhance production of alpha-ketoglutarate in Yarrowia lipolytica
This review aims at highlighting and stating recent efforts toward improving the yield and titer of α-KG in the strains of Yarrowia lipolytica to reach industrial relevance. Expand
Anomalous dynamics of aqueous solutions of di-propylene glycol methylether confined in MCM-41 by quasielastic neutron scattering.
The results suggest that water up to a concentration of about 20 wt.% is used to hydrate the hydrophilic hydroxyl surface groups of the silica pores, and that it is only at higher water contents the water becomes partly mixed with 2PGME, so that partial micro-phase separation of the two liquids larger, and thereby slower relaxing, structural entities of hydrogen bonded water and2PGME molecules can only be formed at higherWater contents than in the bulk system. Expand
Optimization of substituted cinnamic acyl sulfonamide derivatives as tubulin polymerization inhibitors with anticancer activity.
A new series of novel cinnamic acyl sulfonamide derivatives were designed and synthesized and evaluated their anti-tubulin polymerization activities and anticancer activities. One of these compounds,Expand
Preparation and characterization of octenyl succinic anhydride modified agarose derivative.
The prepared OSAG showed novel physical properties including low gelling and melting temperature and high transparency, and the remaining gelation ability and newly introduced amphiphilic character anticipate potential application as functional polysaccharide materials in foods. Expand
Application of Starburst~(TM) PAMAM Dendrimers as DNA Carriers In vitro
The results demonstrated that Starburst TM PAMAM dendrimers, as a novel type of low toxicity, non-viral DNA delivery vehicle, had promising potential to mediate DNA transfection in vitro. Expand
1,3,4-Oxadiazole derivatives as potential antitumor agents: discovery, optimization and biological activity valuation
Recent studies have proved that focal adhesion kinase (FAK) is a new potential therapeutic target in cancer therapy. In this study, a virtual screening was conducted to discover potential candidatesExpand