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Stability of interacting traveling waves in reaction-convection-diffusion systems
The stability of isolated combustion traveling waves has been exhaustively studied in the literature of reaction-diffusion systems. The analysis has been done mainly by neglecting other waves thatExpand
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Numerical modeling of mosquito population dynamics of Aedes aegypti
BackgroundThe global incidences of dengue virus have increased the interest in studying and understanding the mosquito population dynamics. It is predominantly spread by Aedes aegypti in the tropicalExpand
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Asymptotic approximation of long-time solution for low-temperature filtration combustion
There is a renewed interest in using combustion for the recovery of medium viscosity oil. We consider the combustion process when air is injected into the porous medium containing some fuel and inertExpand
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Combustion waves and Riemann solutions in light porous foam
We prove the existence of traveling waves, and identify the wave sequences appearing in Riemann solutions, for a system of three evolutionary partial differential equations that models combustion ofExpand
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Combustion enhance recovery of shale gas
Abstract The amount of extracted natural gas from low permeable organic rich shale has increased rapidly over the past decade. The technologies used to improve the permeability of a shale gasExpand
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Numerical Solution of a Class of Moving Boundary Problems with a Nonlinear Complementarity Approach
We propose a numerical method based on a nonlinear complementarity algorithm which can be applied to parabolic problems with moving boundary that appear in many applications. Expand
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Dispersive models describing mosquitoes’ population dynamics
The global incidences of dengue and, more recently, zica virus have increased the interest in studying and understanding the mosquito population dynamics. Understanding this dynamics is important forExpand
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Traveling wave solutions for the dispersive models describing population dynamics of Aedes aegypti
We investigate the existence of traveling wave solutions using semi-analytical method combining dynamical systems techniques and numerical integration to study the life cycle of mosquito using partial differential equations. Expand
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An Interior Point Algorithm for Mixed Complementarity Nonlinear Problems
We extend the interior point algorithm to mixed nonlinear complementarity problems and apply it to elastic–plastic torsion problems. Expand
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There is a renewed interest in using combustion for medium viscosity oil recovery. In-situ combustion involves the injection of air, pure oxygen or air enriched with oxygen or nitrogen to enable theExpand
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