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Analysis of natural corticosteroids in adrenal extracts and in biological fluids by high-performance liquid chromatography.
A liquid chromatographic procedure is described for the analysis of the principal natural corticosteroids in extracts of adrenal glands. Microparticulate silicic acid columns and gradients ofExpand
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Abstract A method is described for fractionation and determination of the lipid and steroid components in very small amounts of substrates. Samples as small as 20 suprarenal glands of either normalExpand
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Carotenoids, retinoids and alpha-tocopherol in human serum: Identification and determination by reversed-phase HPLC.
A rapid, simple and specific high performance liquid chromatographic procedure for assaying alpha- and beta-carotene is described. The method also enables the simultaneous determination of retinolExpand
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Electrophoretic and chromatographic separation of the urinary conjugated 17-ketosteroids soluble in nbutanol.
  • G. Cavina, L. Tentori
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Clinica chimica acta; international journal of…
  • 1 March 1958
Abstract In a previous paper a method was described by which sulphuric esters and glucuronides of steroids could be separated by paper electrophoresis and chromatography. This method was applied toExpand
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Analysis of corticosteroids in mixtures by gradient elution liquid chromatography.
Abstract A method is described for the fractionation of corticosteroids in mixtures by means of column chromatography with small size columns, reduced elution times and continous monitoring of theExpand
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Analysis of steroid mixtures by column chromatography with continuous monitoring of the eluate by a flame ionisation detector.
Abstract A method is described for the separation of steroids in mixtures of pharmaceutical interest by means of silicic acid column chromatography. Associations of estrogenic with progestationalExpand
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Analytical and preparative column chromatography of neutral lipids with continuous monitoring of the eluate by a flame ionization detector.
Abstract A method is described for the fractionation of neutral lipids into classes by means of silicic acid column chromatography. Elution is performed with a concave gradient of ethyl ether inExpand
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[Determination of the total corticoids in a fragment of human adrenal gland].
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Quantitative separation of steroids in oily solutions by means of thin-layer chromatography with continuous elution.
Abstract The present paper describes a thin-layer chromatographic method for the determination of some less polar hormonal steroids in oily solution. By using an ascending technique with continuousExpand
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Identification and determination of corticosteroids in adrenal gland extracts for pharmaceutical use by HPLC
SummarySome HPLC procedures with isocratic or gradient elution are reported for the identification and determination of most of the characteristic components of cortical extracts.The proposed solventExpand
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