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Percolation in oil‐continuous microemulsions. A dielectric study of aerosol OT/water/isooctane
The percolation transition in AOT/water/isooctane microemulsions has been studied by means of dielectric spectroscopy. At the percolation threshold the conductivity of the system increases sharplyExpand
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SummaryElectron-spin-resonance spectrometry at room and at low temperature (100°k) has been used to determine the free-radical yield in the x-irradiated dipeptide glycylglycine, and the aromaticExpand
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The pre-steady state reaction of ferrocytochrome c with the cytochrome c-cytochrome aa3 complex.
1. Using stopped-flow technique we have investigated the electron transfer form cytochrome c to cytochrome aa3 and to the (porphyrin) cytochrome c-cytochrome aa3 complex. 2. In a low ionic strengthExpand
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Error Analysis of the Determination of Spin Concentration with the Electron Spin Resonance Method
This paper presents a discussion of the errors involved determining the concentration of paramagnetic centers with the electron spin resonance method. The work is based on a theoretical analysis ofExpand
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A model for the calculation of the dielectric dispersion and the dipole moment of globular proteins in solution.
We describe a new procedure whereby the magnitude of the dielectric dispersion of a solution of globular protein molecules can be calculated. The protein molecule is considered to have sphericalExpand
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A spin label saturation transfer ESR study of very slow anisotropic motion in oriented multibilayers of lecithin and cholesterol in the gel phase
Abstract The cholestane spin label in oriented multibilayers ot mixtures of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine and cholesterol in the gel phase is studied by saturation transfer electron spin resonance.Expand
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Proposed extensions to the Tanford–Kirkwood theory of protein titration
A new formal procedure is presented for averaging a wide range of properties over all charge configurations occurring on a polyelectrolyte. In addition, self‐energy effects arising from theExpand
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Time domain spectroscopic dielectric permittivity measurements on AOT/water/iso-octane
A large dielectric relaxation in the megahertz range is observed in AOT/water/iso-octane systems in the reversed micellar phase, containing variable amounts of water. Its properties are investigatedExpand
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An experimental study of the dielectric dispersion of solutions of cytochrome c at medium ionic strengths.
In this paper, the results are presented of measurements of the dielectric dispersions of horse heart cytochrome c molecules in various buffers. The data are fitted to the Cole-Cole relaxation model.Expand
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A pulse radiolysis study of electron tunneling in an 8 M NaOH glass between 4 and 100 K
Pulse radiolysis experiments have been performed in an 8 M NaOH glass between 4 and 100 K and in the time range 10−6 to 10 s. The spur radius was estimated from the decay of the trapped electrons onExpand
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