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18F-FDG PET is an early predictor of pathologic tumor response to preoperative radiochemotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer.
UNLABELLED 18F-FDG PET is a useful tool for assessing the effects of chemo- or radiotherapy. The aim of this study was to correlate the change in tumor 18F-FDG standardized uptake value (SUV) duringExpand
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The Copper Radioisotopes: A Systematic Review with Special Interest to 64Cu
Copper (Cu) is an important trace element in humans; it plays a role as a cofactor for numerous enzymes and other proteins crucial for respiration, iron transport, metabolism, cell growth, andExpand
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CADA—computer-aided DaTSCAN analysis
We present a novel, highly reproducible, user-independent technique for DaTSCAN analysis producing quantitative measures directly connected to striatum uptake and shape. Expand
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Current status of PET/CT for tumour volume definition in radiotherapy treatment planning for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).
Target volume delineation of lung cancer is well known to be prone to large inter-observer variability. The advent of PET/CT devices, with co-registered functional and anatomical data, has opened newExpand
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Alterations of putaminal shape in de novo Parkinson's disease
Several neuroimaging studies have been carried out to gain insight on the pathological processes that cause PD, but literature findings are inconsistent. The aim of this study was to combineExpand
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Role of dynamic sentinel node biopsy in penile cancer: Our experience
We report our initial experience with a relatively new technique, the so‐called “dynamic sentinel node biopsy”, in patients with penile cancer.
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Bone metastases radiopharmaceuticals: an overview.
The skeleton is one of the preferential sites for metastases of solid tumors, and metastatic disease is the most common malignancy of the bone. Diagnosis and evaluation of skeletal metastases requireExpand
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The non tumour uptake of (111)In-octreotide creates new clinical indications in benign diseases, but also in oncology.
The use of somatostatin (SS) analogues in humans takes advantage by the availability of many related chemical forms that can be used for receptor therapy and, after radiolabelling, for diagnosticExpand
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Combined use of DAT‐SPECT and cardiac MIBG scintigraphy in mixed tremors
The cooccurrence of rest and postural tremor (mixed tremor) as the predominant clinical manifestation in patients who do not fulfill diagnostic established criteria for essential tremor (ET) orExpand
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Effect of aging on magnetic resonance measures differentiating progressive supranuclear palsy from Parkinson's disease
Imaging measurements, such as the ratio of the midsagittal areas of the midbrain and pons (midbrain/pons) and the Magnetic Resonance Parkinsonism Index (MRPI), have been proposed to differentiateExpand
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