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A Basal Lithostrotian Titanosaur (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) with a Complete Skull: Implications for the Evolution and Paleobiology of Titanosauria
A number of distinctive morphologies—such as the ossified cervical tendon, extremely pneumatized cervical vertebrae, and a habitually downward-facing snout—that have rarely, if ever, been documented in other titanosaurs are documented, thus broadening the understanding of the anatomical diversity of this remarkable sauropod clade.
A reappraisal of Notohypshilophodon comodorensis (Ornithischia: Ornithopoda) from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia, Argentina.
A restudy of Notohypsilophodon is presented, which increases the knowledge of the evolutionary dynamics of South American Cretaceous ornithopods, and broadens theknowledge of the early Late Cret Jurassic continental vertebrate assemblages of central Patagonia and of the Southern Hemisphere in general.
Histological evidence for a supraspinous ligament in sauropod dinosaurs
The formation of this structure appears to have been a non-pathological metaplastic ossification, possibly induced by the continuous tensile forces applied to the element.
Katepensaurus goicoecheai, Gen. Et Sp. Nov., a Late Cretaceous Rebbachisaurid (Sauropoda, Diplodocoidea) from Central Patagonia, Argentina
ABSTRACT We describe Katepensaurus goicoecheai, gen. et sp. nov., a diplodocoid sauropod dinosaur from the Bajo Barreal Formation (Upper Cretaceous: Cenomanian—Turonian) of south-central Chubut
First Report of a Maastrichtian Palynoflora from the Golfo San Jorge Basin, Central Patagonia, Argentina
Abstract. This paper reports on the biostratigraphic, paleobiogeographic and paleoecologic aspects of palynoflora recovered from sedimentary rocks preliminarily assigned to the Lago Colhué Huapi
A Medium-Sized Ornithopod (Dinosauria: Ornithischia) from the Upper Cretaceous Bajo Barreal Formation of Lago Colhué Huapi, Southern Chubut Province, Argentina
ABSTRACT An associated partial postcranial skeleton is described as the third definitive ornithopod dinosaur record from the Upper Cretaceous Bajo Barreal Formation of central Patagonia, Argentina.