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The anaemia of chronic disorders.
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Leukokinetic studies. IV. The total blood, circulating and marginal granulocyte pools and the granulocyte turnover rate in normal subjects.
When granulocytes are labeled with diisopropyl-fluorophosphate (DFP32) and then returned to the circulation of the donor, the labeled granulocytes are distributed in a pool of cells which isExpand
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Present knowledge concerning the kinetics of granulopoiesis has been reviewed and quantitative data concerning granulokinetics in normal human subjects are presented. A. When granulocytes are labeledExpand
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The anemia of chronic disorders.
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The anemia of infection. XVII. A review.
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Physical properties of sea water solutions: heat capacity☆
Abstract The heat capacity of sea water and its concentrates has been measured in the temperature range 80 to 180°C using a differential heating method. An equation is given which fits the measuredExpand
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Studies on Copper Metabolism
Studies are described which deal with the metabolism of irons in swine made anemic by feeding a milk diet low in copper. Evidence is presented that in such animals there is (1) impaired ability toExpand
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Hereditary hemochromatosis. Phenotypic expression of the disease.
Previous studies have shown that hemochromatosis is an inherited, autosomal-recessive disease and that the gene is closely linked to the HLA locus on chromosome 6. We obtained a lod score for linkageExpand
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