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Characterization and Alleviation of Stress Associated with Hauling Largemouth Bass
Stress was reduced significantly and mortality was eliminated when fish were treated for diseases, held 72 hours without food before they were loaded, anesthetized before they was loaded, hauled at a cool temperature in physiological concentrations of salts with an antibiotic and a mild anesthetic, and allowed to recover in the same medium less the anesthetics. Expand
Cryopreservation of Channel Catfish Sperm: Storage in Cryoprotectants, Fertilization Trials, and Growth of Channel Catfish Produced with Cryopreserved Sperm
Fertilization ranged from 24% to 97%, and no difference in fertilization success was found between cryopreserved sperm and untreated sperm from the same males. Expand
Confinement and Water Quality-Induced Stress in Largemouth Bass
Abstract Plasma values of corticosteroids, glucose, chloride, and osmolality were determined in largemouth bass Micropterus salmoides under various environmental conditions. No differences wereExpand
Introgression among Apache, Cutthroat, and Rainbow Trout in Arizona
The Apache trout Oncorhynchus apache has become threatened through hybridization with introduced nonnative trouts, among other reasons, and extent and directionality of interspecific hybridization in 645 individuals from 31 wild populations within the historical range of Apache trout is assessed. Expand
Stability of genome size among stocks of the channel catfish
The intraspecific variation among the channel catfish stocks examined is lower than that reported for other fish species, which may reflect artificial stabilization of genome size by human intervention, or evolutionary conservatism within the genome of theChannel catfish. Expand
Toxicity of ammonia and nitrite to the Gila trout
Abstract A pilot study was conducted to determine the acute resistance of Gila trout Oncorhynchus gilae to ammonia (NH3) and nitrite (NO− 2). All fish survived exposure to up to 4.5 mg/L total NH3-NExpand
Polyculture of Endangered Bonytails and Razorback Suckers in Recirculated Water
Tank cleaning effort was significantly lower in tanks containing razorback suckers and bonytails (polyculture) relative to those without razorback sucksers (monoculture), but bonytail survival was significantly (P < 0.05) lower for small bony tails cultured with 2 razorback sucker/tank relative to all other t... Expand
Effects of Size-Grading on Variation and Growth in Channel Catfish Reared at Similar Densities
Final coefficients of variation were greater (210, 204, and 115%) or less than initial values for large, medium, small, and communal groups, respectively, and indicate a repnrtitioning of variation, perhaps due to altered feeding behavior or social hierarchical order. Expand
Multispecies Hybridization among Native and Introduced Centrarchid Basses in Central Texas
Allele-frequency differences at 11 polymorphic protein loci provided discrete genetic markers with which to estimate the extent of hybridization among native and introduced centrarchid basses in central Texas streams, and threatened multispecies hybridization threatens the survival of the endemic Guadalupe bass. Expand