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The diverse effects of topical and systemic administration of zinc on the virulence of herpes simplex genitalis.
It is concluded that only topical administration of Zn prevented the replication of HSV-2 primary spread of the virus and hence the systemic disease. Expand
Topical Zinc in the Treatment of Mice Infected Intravaginally with Herpes Genitalis Virus
It is concluded that topical administration of zinc through resilient collagen sponge or as a douche used shortly after the infection significantly inhibits the course of the herpes genitalis infection in the mouse. Expand
Salinity Dependent Resistance of Dunaliella parva against Extreme Temperatures I. Salinity and Thermoresistance
The thermoresistance of growth, photosynthetic electron transport and CO2-assimilation, the selectivity of the plasmalemma, and several soluble enzymes increased with increasing salinities of the culture medium, which was interpreted to be an osmotic effect rather than a special salt effect. Expand
Separation of sindbis virus plaque-type variants by calcium phosphate chromatography
Differences in elution profiles obtained from chromatography on calcium phosphate indicated that Sindbis virus variants differ in surface structure or composition. Expand
Purification of two plaque variants of Sindbis virus
A method for concentrating and purifying enveloped viruses using an antihost immunoadsorbent column and finding that viral-specific proteins per/mg total protein were enriched 800-fold, while host-specific complement fixing material became undetectable. Expand
Peptide composition of Sindbis virus variants
The peptide composition of variants of Sindbis virus which differ in plaque-type, elution pattern from calcium phosphate columns and virulence in mice was analyzed and the hemagglutinating components obtained from these plaque- type variants eluted from the column at the same phosphate molarity. Expand