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Zirconium nitride films deposited in (Ar + N2 + H2) sputtering atmosphere: Optical, structural, and electrical properties
Zr–N films were grown on glass substrates via radio-frequency magnetron sputtering using an Ar + N2 + H2 mixture. Hydrogen was employed in order to reduce oxygen contamination coming from background
AlN-based MEMS devices for vibrational energy harvesting applications
This paper presents a new AlN-based MEMS devices suitable for vibrational energy harvesting applications. Due to their particular shape and unlike traditional cantilever which efficiently harvest
Inhibition of lymphocyte-mediated antibacterial activity by human seminal plasma.
Results provide evidence that MIM pretreatment of peripheral blood lymphocytes leads to a significant inhibition of antibacterial activity against Salmonella typhi and S. minnesota R345 (Rb), and suggest that lymphocytes mediating antibacterialActivity and bacterial cytoadherence are different entities.
Phagocytosis of Leishmania infantum promastigotes by monocytes isolated from Leishmania-infected dogs.
Interestingly, supernatants from polyethylenglycole (PEG) treated sera from Leishmania-infected dogs did not inhibit monocyte phagocytosis either in the autologous or in the homologous (healthy dogs) system, suggesting a possible role for serum factor(s) in the impairment of phagocytetosis in Leishmaniasis.
Photo-emission studies from Zn cathodes under plasma phase
In this paper, we report investigations of the electron emission from pure Zn cathodes irradiated by UV laser pulses of 23 ns (full-width at half-maximum) at a wavelength of 248 nm (5 eV). The metal