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Consumer expectations for sensory properties in virgin olive oils
Abstract Information has been shown to create expectations concerning sensory properties and acceptability of food products, and to influence their evaluations. Studying the impact of information isExpand
Influence of information about manufacturing process on beer acceptability
Abstract The purpose of this study is to investigate the extent to which consumer information concerning the manufacturing processes of beer can influence how acceptable the product is to theExpand
Effects of in vivo applications of peripheral blood‐derived mesenchymal stromal cells (PB‐MSCs) and platlet‐rich plasma (PRP) on experimentally injured deep digital flexor tendons of sheep
Results indicate that the combined use of PRP and MSCs did not produce an additive or synergistic regenerative response and highlighted the predominant effect of M SCs on tendon healing, enhanced tissue remodeling and improved structural organization. Expand
Expression and tissue-specific localization of nitrate-responsive miRNAs in roots of maize seedlings.
It is suggested that a prolonged nitrate depletion may induce post-transcriptionally the expression of target genes by repressing the transcription of specific miRNAs upon nitrate shortage. Expand
Effect of information about animal welfare and product nutritional properties on acceptability of meat from Podolian cattle
The present study was aimed to study the effect of information about the welfare of Podolian cattle and their meat nutritional properties on beef acceptability for regular users and non-users of thisExpand
Bitterness enhancement induced by cut grass odorant (cis-3-hexen-1-ol) in a model olive oil
Abstract In the present study the taste–smell interaction between bitterness and cut grass odour was studied in a model olive oil. Investigating the extent to which the green aroma affects theExpand
Successful recellularization of human tendon scaffolds using adipose‐derived mesenchymal stem cells and collagen gel
Results showed that it was possible to introduce proliferating cells into the core of a decellularized tendon to treat the scaffold with a collagen gel and the method was effective in maintaining scaffold extracellular matrix and for expressing collagen type I and cartilage oligomeric matrix protein by injecting mesenchymal stem cells. Expand
Transcriptome analysis reveals coordinated spatiotemporal regulation of hemoglobin and nitrate reductase in response to nitrate in maize roots.
The existence of a new complex signaling framework in which brassinosteroids, the module MKK2-MAPK6 and the fine regulation of nitric oxide homeostasis via the co-expression of synthetic (nitrate reductase) and scavenging (hemoglobin) components may play key functions in maize responses to nitrate is revealed. Expand
Sublethal effects of trimethoprim on four freshwater organisms.
It was concluded that while TMP concentrations normally detected in surface water are below those able to evoke appreciable biological effects in the various aquatic organisms, T MP concentrations in aquaculture and hospital effluents can be one to three orders of magnitude higher. Expand
An exploratory study of sensory attributes and consumer traits underlying liking for and perceptions of freshness for ready to eat mixed salad leaves in Italy
Abstract The role of sensory attributes and storage time information in driving liking for and perceptions of freshness for ready to eat vegetables was investigated in mixed salad leaves forExpand