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On the Normal and the Pathological
Section I Essay on Some Problems Concerning the Normal and the Pathological (1943).- Preface to the Second Edition (1950).- One. Is the Pathological State Merely a Quantitative Modification of theExpand
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Ideology and rationality in the history of the life sciences
Throughout his long career Canguilhem has been concerned with the way in which ideas originate and become transformed in scientific discourse, and with the role played by ideological factors inExpand
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The Living and Its Milieu
The notion of milieu is in the process of becoming a universal and obligatory means of registering the experience and existence of living things, and one could almost speak of its constitution as aExpand
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Monstrosity and the Monstrous
we have been to see honeysuckle grow on honeysuckle vines, tadpoles become frogs, mares suckle colts, and in general to see like engender like. It is sufficient that this confidence be shaken once byExpand
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A Vital Rationalist: Selected Writings from Georges Canguilhem
Georges Canguilhem is one of France's foremost historians of science. Trained as a medical doctor as well as a philosopher, he combined these practices to demonstrate to philosophers that there couldExpand
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Writings on Medicine
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Health: Crude Concept and Philosophical Question
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A Critical Examination of Certain Concepts: The Normal, Anomaly, and Disease; The Normal and the Experimental
Littre and Robin’s Dictionnaire de medecine defines the normal as follows: normal (normalis, from norma, rule): that which conforms to the rule, regular. The brevity of this entry in a medicalExpand
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Physiology and Pathology
As a consequence of the preceding analyses, it seems that a definition of physiology as the science of the laws or constants of normal life would not be strictly exact for two reasons: first, becauseExpand
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