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Recovering Traceability Links between Code and Documentation
We apply both a probabilistic and a vector space information retrieval model in two case studies to recover traceability links between source code and free text documents. Expand
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An approach for QoS-aware service composition based on genetic algorithms
Web services are rapidly changing the landscape of software engineering. One of the most interesting challenges introduced by web services is represented by Quality Of Service (QoS)--awareExpand
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How can i improve my app? Classifying user reviews for software maintenance and evolution
We present a taxonomy to classify app reviews into categories relevant to software maintenance and evolution, as well as an approach that merges three techniques: (1) Natural Language Processing, (2) Text Analysis and (3) Sentiment Analysis to automatically classify them into the proposed categories. Expand
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A framework for QoS-aware binding and re-binding of composite web services
This paper proposes a QoS-aware dynamic binding of composite services based on Genetic Algorithms. Expand
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Conditioned program slicing
We present conditioned slicing, a general slicing model based on statement deletion. Expand
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QoS-aware replanning of composite Web services
Run-time service discovery and late-binding constitute some of the most challenging issues of service-oriented software engineering. Expand
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A Lightweight Approach for QoS–Aware Service Composition
We search for the optimal set of services that, composed to create a new service, result in the best QoS, under user or service designer constraints. Expand
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Information retrieval models for recovering traceability links between code and documentation
We introduce a method based on the general idea of vector space information retrieval and apply it in two case studies to trace C++ source code onto manual pages and Java code onto functional requirements. Expand
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Testing services and service-centric systems: challenges and opportunities
This paper provides users and system integrators with an overview of service-oriented architecture (SOA) testing's fundamental technical issues and solutions, focusing on Web services as a practical implementation of the SOA model. Expand
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Service-Oriented Architectures Testing: A Survey
Testing of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) with run-time discovery of services, ultra-late binding, QoS aware composition, and SLA automated negotiation. Expand
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