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Does the cognitive reflection test measure cognitive reflection? A mathematical modeling approach
We used a mathematical modeling approach, based on a sample of 2,019 participants, to better understand what the cognitive reflection test (CRT; Frederick In Journal of Economic Perspectives, 19,Expand
Deliberate practice: Is that all it takes to become an expert?
Twenty years ago, Ericsson, Krampe, and Tesch-Romer (1993) proposed that expert performance reflects a long period of deliberate practice rather than innate ability, or “talent”. Ericsson et al.Expand
The role of domain-specific practice, handedness, and starting age in chess.
The respective roles of the environment and innate talent have been a recurrent question for research into expertise. The authors investigated markers of talent, environment, and critical period forExpand
Correlations of cognitive reflection with judgments and choices
We investigated the role of individual differences in cognitive reflection in decision making. We measured the performance of 157 participants in the cognitive reflection test (Frederick, 2005) and aExpand
Deliberate Practice
Deliberate practice (DP) occurs when an individual intentionally repeats an activity in order to improve performance. The claim of the DP framework is that such behavior is necessary to achieve highExpand
Herbert Simon's Decision-Making Approach: Investigation of Cognitive Processes in Experts
Herbert Simon's research endeavor aimed to understand the processes that participate in human decision making. However, despite his effort to investigate this question, his work did not have theExpand
The Relationship Between Personal Financial Wellness and Financial Wellbeing: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach
We examined the construct of financial wellness and its relationship to personal wellbeing, with a focus on the role of financial literacy. Gender comparisons are made using a structural equationExpand
The role of practice in chess: A longitudinal study
We investigated the role of practice in the acquisition of chess expertise by submitting a questionnaire to 104 players of different skill levels. Players had to report their chess rating, the numberExpand
Beyond Born versus Made: A New Look at Expertise
Abstract Why are some people so much more successful than other people in music, sports, games, business, and other complex domains? This question is the subject of one of psychology's oldestExpand
Expertise modulates the neural basis of context dependent recognition of objects and their relations
Recognition of objects and their relations is necessary for orienting in real life. We examined cognitive processes related to recognition of objects, their relations, and the patterns they form byExpand