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The PASTEL catalogue of stellar parameters
Aims. The PASTEL catalogue is an update of the [Fe/H] catalogue, published in 1997 and 2001. It is a bibliographical compilation of stellar atmospheric parameters providing (Teff ,l ogg ,[ Fe/H])Expand
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A catalogue of [Fe/H] determinations: 1996 edition
A fifth Edition of the Catalogue of [Fe/H] determinations is presented herewith. It contains 5946 determinations for 3247 stars, including 751 stars in 84 associations, clusters or galaxies. TheExpand
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Catalogue of [Fe/H] determinations for FGK stars: 2001 edition
The catalogue presented here is a compilation of published atmospheric parameters ($T_\mathrm{eff}$, $\log g$, [Fe/H]) obtained from high resolution, high signal-to-noise spectroscopic observations.Expand
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Stars resembling the Sun
This review is primarily directed to the question whether photometric solar analogues remain such when subjected to detailed spectroscopic analyses and interpreted with the help of internal stuctureExpand
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The impact of very high S/N spectroscopy on stellar physics : proceedings of the 132nd Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, held in Paris, France, June 29-July 3, 1987
I. Spectrographs, Detectors, Fourier Transform Spectroscopy, and Radial Velocities.- Ia Spectrographs.- The Lick Observatory Hamilton Echelle Spectrometer.- High Resolution Spectroscopy with aExpand
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The Hyades: distance, structure, dynamics, and age
We use absolute trigonometric parallaxes from the Hipparcos Catalogue to determine individual distances to members of the Hyades cluster, from which the 3-dimensional structure of the cluster can beExpand
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The HR Diagram for Late-Type Nearby Stars as a Function of Helium and Metallicity
Recent theoretical stellar models are used to discuss the helium abundance of a number of low-mass stars for which the position in the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram and the metallicity are known withExpand
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