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Distribution of creatine, guanidinoacetate and the enzymes for their biosynthesis in the animal kingdom. Implications for phylogeny.
1. The distribution of creatine and the creatine-synthesizing enzymes in the animal kingdom has been investigated. Creatine was found in tissues of all vertebrates examined, and in variousExpand
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Epidermal amino acid transport in marine invertebrates.
  • G. C. Stephens
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Biochimica et biophysica acta
  • 24 February 1988
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Uptake of naturally occurring primary amines by marine annelids.
Rapid, carrier-mediated influx of small organic molecules across the body wall of marine invertebrates has been studied by a number of investigators. Recent literature is reviewed by Stephens ( 1972)Expand
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The Orientation of Drosophila to Plane Polarized Light
The role of polarized light in the orientation of the honey-bee has recently been elucidated by von Frisch (1951). He demonstrated that bees can orient by means of a polarized light compass reactionExpand
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Transport of Dissolved Amino Acids by the Mussel, Mytilus edulis: Demonstration of Net Uptake from Natural Seawater
High-performance liquid chromatography provides direct evidence for substantial removal of naturally occurring specific free amino acids during a single passage of water through the mantle cavity ofExpand
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Uptake and assimilation of amino acids by platymonas.
The marine phytoplankter, Platymonas, increases rates of amino acid uptake when grown on a restricted nitrogen supply. Uptake of glycine, arginine, and glutamate increases as much as 10-fold whenExpand
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Bacteria-Free Sea Urchin Larvae: Selective Uptake of Neutral Amino Acids from Seawater
Bacteria-free suspensions of larvae of Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (Stimpson) were prepared without the use of antibiotics. Net rates of removal of 18 amino acids, each supplied at 125 nanomolesExpand
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Recent Progress in the Study of “Die Ernährung der Wassertiere und der Stoffhaushalt der Gewässer”
SYNOPSIS. It is now possible to provide direct evidence for net removal of significant amounts of specific amino acids from naturally occurring dissolved organic material by a marine invertebrate.Expand
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