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The Hydrogen Bond
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Evidence About Hydrate and Solid Water in the Martian Surface From the
The Mariner Mars 6 and 7 infrared spectrometer spectra of Mars include a broad absorption near 3 μ that can be ascribed to water of hydration in the surface minerals and/or ice. LaboratoryExpand
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Infrared Studies of Hydrogen Bonding of Water by the Matrix Isolation Technique
The O–H stretching mode of hydrogen bonded methanol has been studied by the matrix isolation technique using solid nitrogen at 20°K as a matrix. The bands are narrow and permit assignment ofExpand
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HCO production, vibrational relaxation, chemical kinetics, and spectroscopy following laser photolysis of formaldehyde
Formaldehyde vapor was photolyzed with a tunable pulsed uv laser. Flash kinetic absorption spectra of the HCO produced were recorded by intracavity dye laser spectroscopy with a time resolution of 1Expand
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Fluorescence and thermoluminescence of N2O, CO, and CO2 in an argon matrix at low temperature
The photolysis of N2O in an argon matrix at 7 °K by 8.4 eV energy photons leads to the emission of the Vegard–Kaplan system of N2 (A 3Σ+→X 1Σ+g) and to the atomic emissions O(1S) →O(1D) and N(2D)Expand
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Infrared Spectrum of the Methyl Radical in Solid Argon
Reaction between lithium atoms and methyl halides during condensation in solid argon at 15°K produces absorptions at 730.3 and 1383 cm−1 that can be attributed to the methyl radical CH3. IsotopicExpand
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