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inventory in 1996 was repeated in 1999 in order to determine the general current stand parameters and forest change. A total of 46 sample plots were laid out in the forest reserve. In adjacent publicExpand
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Household livelihood strategies in the miombo woodlands of Tanzania: emerging trends
The study was undertaken in Tanzania to assess the effect of some macro-economic policies on livelihood strategies for households within or in close proximity in miombo woodlands. The focus was onExpand
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Socio-economic aspects of charcoal consumption and environmental consequences along the Dar es Salaam-Morogoro highway, Tanzania
Abstract A study was done to assess socio-economic aspects of charcoal consumption and its impact on the environment along the Dar es Salaam-Morogoro highway in Eastern Tanzania. This is typically aExpand
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Wood Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa
The basic issues in economic development are how to raise productivity in order to alleviate poverty and how to alleviate the imbalance of economic growth between the rich and poor nations andExpand
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Land Cover Dynamics As A Result Of Charcoal Production: Use Of Remote Sensing And Gis
Charcoal is the most important energy source for middle and low-income people in many African cities. Its consumption shows no sign of decrease for the reasons of cost, convenience and availability.Expand
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Socio-Economic Analysis Of Land Use Factors Causing Degradation And Deforestation Of Miombo Woodlands In Kilosa District, Tanzania
Despite the threatening effects of deforestation, the dimension of this phenomenon at the micro-agent level is not well known. This study was conducted in Kilosa District, Tanzania to assess theExpand
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Conflicts and their management in the use of Miombo woodlands in selected areas of Tanzania
Miombo woodlands are increasingly becoming major centres of conflicts due to a variety of causes such as growing populations of both humans and livestock. Research in the area of conflicts in the useExpand
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Forests as a Renewable Energy Source in Europe: Prospects and Policies
More than half of the global harvest of wood is used for fuel, primarily inthe developing countries. In the developed countries, wood is used mainly for theproduction of lumber, boards, pulp andExpand