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Extra-tropical cyclones in the present and future climate: a review
Based on the availability of hemispheric gridded data sets from observations, analysis and global climate models, objective cyclone identification methods were developed and applied to these dataExpand
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Changes in storm track and cyclone activity in three SRES ensemble experiments with the ECHAM5/MPI-OM1 GCM
Synoptic activity over the Northern Hemisphere is evaluated in ensembles of ECHAM5/MPI-OM1 simulations for recent climate conditions (20C) and for three climate scenarios (following SRES A1B, A2,Expand
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The 2003 European summer heatwaves and drought - synoptic diagnosis and impacts
Europe was affected by a series of strong, persistent heatwaves during the summer of 2003. The largest positive anomalies in monthly mean temperatures were observed in June and August in a regionExpand
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On the relationship between cyclones and extreme windstorm events over Europe under climate change
Abstract The relationship between cyclones and extreme wind events over Europe under climate change conditions is analysed using global as well as regional climate model simulations. In this study,Expand
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Changing Northern Hemisphere Storm Tracks in an Ensemble of IPCC Climate Change Simulations
Winter storm-track activity over the Northern Hemisphere and its changes in a greenhouse gas scenario (the Special Report on Emission Scenarios A1B forcing) are computed from an ensemble of 23 singleExpand
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The central European floods of August 2002: Part 1 - Rainfall periods and flood development
Record-breaking rainfall amounts and intensities were observed at several raingauges in central Europe during the first half of August 2002 (Fig. 1). They produced flash floods in small rivers in theExpand
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Analysis of frequency and intensity of European winter storm events from a multi-model perspective, at synoptic and regional scales
This study focuses on the analysis of winter (October-November-December-January-February-March; ONDJFM) storm events and their changes due to increased anthropogenic greenhouse gas concentrationsExpand
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Summer Floods in Central Europe – Climate Change Track?
In Central Europe, river flooding has been recently recognized as a major hazard, in particular after the 1997 Odra /Oder flood, the 2001 Vistula flood, and the most destructive 2002 deluge on theExpand
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IMILAST A Community Effort to Intercompare Extratropical Cyclone Detection and Tracking Algorithms
The variability of results from different automated methods of detection and tracking of extratropical cyclones is assessed in order to identify uncertainties related to the choice of method. FifteenExpand
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