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The Effects of Campaign Spending in Congressional Elections
Incomplete understanding of the connection between campaign spending and election outcomes has hindered evaluation of enacted and proposed congressional campaign finance reforms. Reanalysis of theExpand
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The Politics of Congressional Elections
1. Introduction. 2. The Context. The Constitutional Framework. Congressional Districts. Partisan Gerrymandering. Racial Gerrymandering. States as Electoral Units. Election Laws. Political Parties.Expand
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Money in congressional elections
Sets forth a theory of how money operates in the electoral politics of Congre based on an examination of campaign-finance data from the 1972, 1974, 1976, 1978 elections.
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The Effects of Campaign Spending in House Elections: New Evidence for Old Argument
The question of how campaign spending affects election results remains open because the simultaneity problem has proven so intractable. Green and Krasno's (1988) recent attempt to solve the problem -Expand
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The Marginals Never Vanished: Incumbency and Competition in Elections to the U.S. House OfRepresentatives, 1952-1982
The average vote margin enjoyed by incumbent candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives increased sharply during the 1960s. Despite this, and contrary to assumptions common in the literature onExpand
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A Divider, Not a Uniter: George W. Bush and the American People, The 2006 Election and Beyond
I. Introduction II. Primed for Partisanship Sources of Partisan Polarization Partisan Polarization in Congress Polarization and Electoral Change Is Polarization Confined to Activists? Religion andExpand
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The Republican Resurgence in 2010
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Analysis of both district-level and aggregate time-series data from postwar House elections supports the thesis that strategic political elites play a pivotal role in translating national conditionsExpand
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It’s Nothing Personal: The Decline of the Incumbency Advantage in US House Elections
With little fanfare, the electoral advantage enjoyed by US representatives has fallen over the past several elections to levels not seen since the 1950s. The incumbency advantage has diminished inExpand
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