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Social Behavior as Exchange
  • G. C. Homans
  • Psychology
  • American Journal of Sociology
  • 1 May 1958
To consider social behavior as an exchange of goods may clarify the relations among four bodies of theory; behavioral psychology, economics, propositions about the dynamics of influence, andExpand
The nature of social science
Profesör A. K. Radcliffe-Brown, yakın zamanda “Taboo” başlığı altında bir kitapçık olarak yayınlanan 1939 yılındaki Frazer konferansında; büyü ve din hakkındaki bazı görüşlerini anlatmaktadır.1 AynıExpand
Kinship Terminology and the American Kinship System
THE American kinship system is marked by bilateral descent, and the nuclear family and the kindred are the basic kin groups. Marriage is monogamous, residence neolocal, and inheritance byExpand
The Strategy of Industrial Sociology
  • G. C. Homans
  • Sociology
  • American Journal of Sociology
  • 1 January 1949
Industrial sociology needs more than one set of methods. So far, field work has been dominated by observation and the nondirective interview, and methodological thinking has been preoccupied withExpand
The Humanities and the Social Sciences
Scientific behavior is as common to the humanities as it is to the social sciences—in fact, many of the humanities are social sciences, a condition that should shame neither party. Though there is aExpand
Steps to a theory of social behavior
Let me briefly recapitulate. An English literature major at college, I got into sociology through almost pure chance. When I graduated from Harvard in 1932, I was one of the few persons in CambridgeExpand
Conducta social como intercambio
Este ensayo espera honrar la memoria de Georg Simmel de dos formas diferentes. En la medida en que pretende ser sugestivo antes que conclusivo, su tono sera el de Simmel; el tema sera tambien uno deExpand