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A review of fibropapillomatosis in Green turtles (Chelonia mydas).
Emerging areas where researchers might focus and theories behind the emergence of FP globally since the 1980s appear to be a multi-factorial interplay between the virus, the host and environmental factors influencing disease expression. Expand
Ovine contagious epididymitis: a review.
  • G. Burgess
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Veterinary microbiology
  • 1 December 1982
The organisms capable of producing ovine contagious epididymitis, the pathogenesis of the condition as well as methods of diagnosis and control are reviewed. Expand
Australian surveillance for avian influenza viruses in wild birds between July 2005 and June 2007.
Although low pathogenic AI virus subtypes are currently circulating in Australia, their prevalence is low (1.0% positive PCR). Expand
Evidence for non-ribosomal peptide synthetase production of cereulide (the emetic toxin) in Bacillus cereus.
An improved method of identifying emetic strains of B. cereus is developed and evidence that cereulide is produced by peptide synthetases is provided. Expand
Avian influenza in Australia: a summary of 5 years of wild bird surveillance.
Despite all previous highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks in Australian poultry being attributed to H7 subtypes, widespread detection of H5 subtypes in wild birds may represent an ongoing risk to the Australian poultry industry. Expand
Host preferences of tabanid flies based on identification of blood meals by ELISA.
The results indicate that all tabanid species examined could potentially transmit surra and all the host types investigated could be affected, but macropods face the highest transmission risk. Expand
Studies on the pathogenesis of bovine ephemeral fever.
A study of the pathogenesis of bovine ephemeral fever confirmed that the major clinical signs were fever lasting no more than 2 days, with increased respiratory rate, dyspnoea and some degree ofExpand
Update on immunological tests for lymphatic filariasis.
The new Brugia Rapid antibody-detection dipstick is a welcome addition, but there is an urgent need to develop more cost-effective, accurate and standardized immunological tests for use in the global filariasis elimination program. Expand
Monitoring of wild birds for Newcastle disease virus in north Queensland, Australia.
Findings of higher prevalence in PWDs along with confirmation of class-one and class-two type NDV RNAs will significantly contribute to the design of surveillance programs for NDVs in northern Australia. Expand
Bovine ephemeral fever: a review.