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Distributed Leadership Agency and Work Outcomes: Validation of the Italian DLA and Its Relations With Commitment, Trust, and Satisfaction
Results about the Italian DLA confirmed the original trifactorial structure of the construct, suggested by Yukl (2002), through good fit indexes and reliability scores; moreover, consistent with the literature, DLA was strongly related to satisfaction, commitment, and trust. Expand
Hygienic medicine in Achille Sclavo’s thought and educational reforms
The following contribution seeks to reconstruct the key developments in Sclavo's scientific, institutional and social endeavours, paying special attention to his pedagogical thought, his model of the “open air” school, his conviction in the value of physical education, his campaign in favour of hygiene and health education, and the network of educational alliances that he developed with teachers and doctors working at elementary schools to achieve the common goal of safeguarding children’s health. Expand
Nurturing Authentic Leadership for Teacher Leaders: The Challenges Ahead
Abstract The authors challenge educators to engage with and for others to build communities that are relevant and meaningful.
Leading schools from the Middle. Middle leadership in a context of distributed leadership
Current education reforms have resulted in enhanced responsibilities andaccountabilities for all schools while leadership responsibility is nowstretched over a range of different actors. FollowingExpand
The journey to authenticity : solicitations for authentic leadership
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the construct of authentic leadershipb from a conceptual analysis involving contributions from the management literature and studies in education. It isExpand
The study of educational leadership. Themes, emerging models and future research directions
In the educational climate of recent decades, recent policy initiatives have been mainly focused on increasing the autonomy of schools. In this scenario, the study of educational leadership hasExpand
We need great “followers”, not just great leaders: a brief questionnaire for followership development
Purpose Business schools, executive training programs, and best-selling books all recognize the importance of leadership, while followership has received limited attention in managementExpand
Global Leadership Development: Implications for Training and Business Education
No firm is immune from the impact of globalization. The new global context and the accompanying technological improvements are driving an increased need for global leaders with a wider variety ofExpand
Followership under the spotlight: implications for followership development
Purpose The leadership industry has experienced an unprecedented growth in popularity, and business management effectiveness has become synonymous with leaders’ roles. However, in thisExpand