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The Pteridophyte flora of Fiji
Chromosome Numbers in Some Pacific Pteridophyta
Haploid chromosome complements are recorded for two species of Psilotaceae, and for 36 species and one variety of ferns (27 species from New Caledonia , 7 species and 1 variety from New Zealand, andExpand
Reversal of sedation by prolonged infusion of flumazenil (Anexate, Ro 15–1788)
A 22‐year‐old male was involved in a road traffic accident and sustained multiple injuries. He received an infusion of midazolam to sedate him during a period of artificial ventilation. His consciousExpand
Latency of brachial plexus block The effect on onset time of warming local anaesthetic solutions
A double‐blind study was set up to investigate the effect of warming local anaesthetic solutions on the latency of onset of subclavian perivascular brachial plexus blocks. Twenty‐four adult patientsExpand
Propofol: bolus or continuous infusion
Forty patients undergoing vaginal termination of pregnancy were randomly allocated to receive a propofol anaesthetic using either a repeat bolus or infusion technique. The Ohmeda 9000 Infusion PumpExpand
The Pteridophyte Flora of Fiji.