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Neutron star accretion and binary pulsar formation
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On the interaction of two electrons
A relativistic wave equation for helium-like systems which gives energy levels correct to within α2 Ry is derived from quantum electrodynamics, care being taken in the handling of pair-productionExpand
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The Nucleon—Nucleon Interaction
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Abstract The fundamental role of the pion in nuclear physics is stressed. In bosonexchange models, not only does the pion furnish the longest-range part of the interaction, but the σ-, ρ- andExpand
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Meson exchange effects in n + p → d + γ
Abstract It is shown that an exchange-current correction of ≈ 10% to the threshold neutron capture n + p → d + γ can arise in a straightforward way from one-pion-exchange terms, most of it comingExpand
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The little bag
Abstract A quark bag model for nucleons and isobars is made with pions existing only outside the bag. The pion field is introduced so as to ensure continuity of the axial-vector current at theExpand
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The evolution of relativistic binary pulsars
Abstract We address the question of why two of the four neutron star binaries, PSR 191316 and PSR 153412, have narrow orbits, with binary separation ~ 3R⊙, and relatively low magnetic fields B ~Expand
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A modified skyrmion
Abstract The Skyrme effective lagrangian is generalized to include a term simulating the effects of ω mesons. With this generalization, it is possible to reproduce a number of properties of singleExpand
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