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Sensitivity and response of northern hemisphere altitudinal and polar treelines to environmental change at landscape and local scales
The sensitivity and response of northern hemisphere altitudinal and polar treelines to environmental change are increasingly discussed in terms of climate change, often forgetting that climate isExpand
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Treeline advance - driving processes and adverse factors
The general trend of climatically-driven treeline advance is modified by regional, local and temporal variations. Treelines will not advance in a closed front parallel to the shift of any isotherm toExpand
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Temperature dependence of carbon mineralisation: conclusions from a long-term incubation of subalpine soil samples
Carbon mineralisation from soil samples was analysed during a 104-day laboratory incubation at 5, 15 and 258C. The samples were taken from the upper horizon of each of two topographically diAerentExpand
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Regeneration of trees in the treeline ecotone: northern Finnish Lapland
The objective of our research was to find out if forest will invade the treeless areas in the present treeline ecotone in northern Finnish Lapland and which factors might impede forest advance. TheExpand
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Leaching behaviour of pharmaceuticals in soil-testing-systems: a part of an environmental risk assessment for groundwater protection.
The leaching behaviour of six selected pharmaceuticals was tested in different soils. Leaching experiments are a part of environmental risk assessment to estimate the distribution and fate of theseExpand
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Soil Atlas of the Northern Circumpolar Region
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Spatio-temporal analysis of agricultural land-use intensity across the Western Siberian grain belt.
The Western Siberian grain belt covers 1millionkm² in Asiatic Russia and is of global importance for agriculture. Massive land-use changes took place in that region after the dissolution of theExpand
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Potential of vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides (L.) Nash) for phytoremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon-contaminated soils in Venezuela
Venezuela is one of the largest oil producers in the world. For the rehabilitation of oil-contaminated sites, phytoremediation represents a promising technology whereby plants are used to enhanceExpand
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Metal Effects on Soil Invertebrate Feeding: Measurements Using the Bait Lamina Method
Heightened concerns regarding the protection of terrestrial ecosystems at a national level has increased the need to develop a suite of indicators capable of assessing the quality, integrity andExpand
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