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In the Nature of Cities: Urban Political Ecology and the Politics of Urban Metabolism
Forward David Harvey Part 1 The Production of Urban Natures and Urban Political Ecology 1. Introduction Erik Swyngedouw, Nik Heynen and Maria Kaika 2. Sylvan City: The social production of urbanExpand
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Gentrification in a Global Context: The New Urban Colonialism
The new urban colonialism / Rowland Atkinson and Gary Bridge -- Mapping neoliberal American urbanism / Elvin K. Wyly and Daniel J. Hammel -- From social mix to the politics of distance : urban policyExpand
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It's not Just a Question of Taste: Gentrification, the Neighbourhood, and Cultural Capital
In this paper I explore elements of the relationship between deployments of cultural capital and neighbourhood change. Based on research in a gentrified neighbourhood of Bristol, England, I argueExpand
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Estate Agents as Interpreters of Economic and Cultural Capital: The Gentrification Premium in the Sydney Housing Market
This article focuses on the role of real estate agents as interpreters of the relationship between housing aesthetics (taste) and price. The research includes an analysis of housing advertisements,Expand
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Bourdieu, rational action and the time‐space strategy of gentrification
This paper proposes gentrification as an example of class habitus adjusting to a new field via a time-space strategy that involves conscious rational coordination of class agents on a new aestheticExpand
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Microgeographies of Retailing and Gentrification
It has long been argued that gentrification is a process of consumption as well as production but, in the main, analyses of consumption and gentrification have only tangentially or anecdotallyExpand
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Musculoskeletal injuries among ERCP endoscopists in Canada.
BACKGROUND There are few reports in the literature describing musculoskeletal complaints among endoscopists, and none are specific to those who perform endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatographyExpand
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Time-Space Trajectories in Provincial Gentrification
Drawing on qualitative interviews in an inner Bristol (UK) neighbourhood, this paper offers some preliminary observations on the housing trajectories and strategies of a group of onward-movingExpand
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‘Social Mix’ and Neighbourhood Revitalization in a Transatlantic Perspective: Comparing Local Policy Discourses and Expectations in Paris (France), Bristol (UK) and Montréal (Canada)
The longstanding debate around the merits of promoting social class mix in urban neighbourhoods has taken a new twist in recent times. A transatlantic and neoliberal convergence of policy advice,Expand
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