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Nuclear Structure, Vol. 1
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Collision of Two Light Quanta
The recombination of free electrons and free positrons and its connection with the Compton effect have been treated by Dirac before the experimental discovery of the positron. In the present note areExpand
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Capture of Slow Neutrons
Current theories of the large cross sections of slow neutrons are contradicted by frequent absence of strong scattering in good absorbers as well as the existence of resonance bands. These facts canExpand
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The Magnetic Moment of the Electron.
THE hypothesis of the spinning electron assigns to the electron an angular momentum h/4π and a magnetic moment eh/4πmc. Dirac1 showed that the spectroscopic duplexity pointed out by Heisenberg can beExpand
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A Radio Method of Estimating the Height of the Conducting Layer
IN a recent note we have outlined a method of estimating the height of the conducting layer by means of radio waves (M. A. Tuve and G. Breit, Terr. Mag., vol. 30 (1925), pp. 15–16). Through theExpand
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Measurement of Nuclear Spin
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