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Causes of high blood O2 affinity of animals living at high altitude.
We have measured the partial pressure of O2 at 50% saturation (P50) and the concentration of various phosphate compounds in the erythrocytes of the bar-headed goose and the guanaco to establish theExpand
Adaptation of bird hemoglobins to high altitudes: demonstration of molecular mechanism by protein engineering.
Of two closely related species of geese, one, the greylag goose, lives in the Indian plains all year round, while the other, the bar-headed goose, lives at the Tibetan lakes and migrates across theExpand
Adaptation of hemoglobin function to subterranean life in the mole, Talpa europaea.
In order to understand the mechanism responsible for the high oxygen affinity of mole blood, we investigated in the mole. Talpa europaea, red cell parameters that determine hemoglobin function. WeExpand
Functional multiplicity and structural correlations in the hemoglobin system of larvae of Chironomus thummi thummi (Insecta, Diptera): Hb components CTT I, CTT II beta, CTT III, CTT IV, CTT VI, CTT
Larvae of the dipteran insect Chironomus thummi thummi that burrow in fresh-water muds, contain at least 12 hemoglobin (Hb) components of which the functional properties have not been systematicallyExpand
Paenungulata: a comparison of the hemoglobin sequences from elephant, hyrax, and manatee.
Inspection of the amino acid differences among hemoglobin sequences of a wide range of mammalian species suggested that at alpha 19, alpha 110, alpha 111, beta 23, beta 44, and beta 56,Expand
Allosteric regulation of crocodilian haemoglobin
The oxygen affinity of most vertebrate haemoglobins in the absence of diffusible electrolytes is much higher than that of blood. In the red cell this affinity is lowered by organic phosphates,Expand
High-altitude respiration of birds. Structural adaptations in the major and minor hemoglobin components of adult Rüppell's Griffon (Gyps rueppellii, Aegypiinae): a new molecular pattern for hypoxic
The primary structures of the hemoglobins Hb A, Hb A', Hb D and Hb D' of Rüppell's Griffon (Gyps rueppellii), which can fly as high as 11,300 m, are presented. The globin chains were separated onExpand
Hypersensitivity to chironomids (non-biting midges): localization of the antigenic determinants within certain polypeptide sequences of hemoglobins (erythrocruorins) of Chironomus thummi thummi
Abstract Ninety-nine individuals who were in contact with larvae of chironomids were investigated. Forty-three developed respiratory, conjunctival, or cutaneous hypersensitivity reactions uponExpand
Hemoglobins of reptiles. The primary structure of the major and minor hemoglobin component of adult Western Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta bellii).
Red blood cells of adult Western Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta bellii) contain two hemoglobin components: HbA (alpha A2 beta 2) and HbD (alpha D2 beta 2). We present the complete amino-acidExpand